How Much does it Cost to Restring a Piano? Only Facts!

Pianos are splendid instruments, but like many others, they require occasional upkeep. A key aspect of piano maintenance is restringing—a process that can have a significant impact on performance and sound quality. But How much does it cost to restring a piano? Does the piano type influence the total price?

How much does it cost to restring a piano

In this article, we not only discuss the factors affecting the cost of restringing a piano, but also provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this detail-oriented process and its financial implications.

🎶How much does it cost to restring a piano?

Restringing a piano is not a one-size-fits-all process, and costs can greatly vary. For instance, an upright piano generally ranges from $500-$800, while a grand piano, due to its larger number of strings, can cost between $1000-$1500. Additional factors also contribute to the overall cost, including the piano’s brand, age, condition, and whether it requires additional repairs.

Experts in piano restringing, known as piano technicians, charge per hour for labor which typically averages between $75-$1501. High-grade, replacement strings for most home-based pianos are estimated to cost between $3-$5 per string. The time it usually takes to restring an upright piano in good working order is around 20-30 hours. This means that even a basic restringing project might require a significant investment, both in terms of time and money.

🎶How much does it cost to restring an old piano?

Restringing an old piano can often be more expensive due to the potential for additional repairs. While the cost of restringing itself may not differ dramatically from $500-$15001, extra costs may arise from repairs to the soundboard, pinblock, or action parts.

How much does it cost to restring an old piano

Moreover, the age of the piano may necessitate full restoration involving refinishing the wood casing, rebuilding the action, or replacing the piano’s strings and hammer heads. These additional services can increase the cost to as high as $10,000 or more2.

🎶How much does it cost to restring an upright piano?

Restructuring an upright piano typically proves less costly compared to grand pianos, owing to its fewer number of strings and overall smaller size1. The average restringing cost for an upright piano can range between $500-$8001.

Nevertheless, the final cost could fluctuate depending on several factors including the piano’s brand, its condition, the expertise of the piano tuner or technician, and the regional cost variations for labor.

🎶How long does it take to restring a piano?

The time taken to restring a piano is largely dependent on the size and style of the instrument, as well as the skill and efficiency of the piano technician. It might take anywhere from 20-40 hours3 to restring an entire upright piano.

How long does it take to restring a piano

Grand pianos can be a more complex process, taking around 30-60 hours. With this in mind, restringing a piano is not a process to be rushed as it is a vital part of maintaining the instrument’s sound quality and overall lifespan.

🎶How many years do piano strings last?

Piano strings generally last for a substantial amount of time, with an average lifespan of 50 to 60 years1. However, several factors can influence their longevity, such as the quality of the strings, environmental conditions, and the frequency of use.

For optimal sound quality, it is important to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule and consider additional factors like humidity control and gentle cleaning of the strings. Ultimately, factors such as the strings sounding dull, dead, or excessively bright, or the inability of the piano to hold its tune, are clear indicators of the need for restringing.

🎶Is it worth restringing a piano?

Determining whether restringing a piano is worth the cost and effort primarily depends on the instrument’s value and condition. For a high-quality and cherished piano, restringing can rejuvenate its sound and prolong its life, making it a worthy investment.

Is it worth restringing a piano

On the other hand, if the piano is in poor condition, has serious structural issues, or is of low value, the expense may outweigh the benefits of restringing. In such cases, it might be more viable to invest in a new or well-maintained second-hand instrument.

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🎶Can you restring a piano yourself?

While it is technically possible to restring a piano yourself, it is not generally recommended. Piano restringing is a precise and delicate process requiring specialized tools, knowledge, and experience. Attempting it without these qualifications can lead to damage and compromise the instrument’s sound quality.

Furthermore, the high tension of the strings poses a safety hazard, increasing the risk of injury if something goes wrong during the process. To ensure the best results and preserve the instrument’s value, it is highly recommended that you seek the expertise of a professional piano technician or tuner to perform restringing.


The cost of restringing a piano can greatly vary, contingent on the type of piano and its condition. Though restringing can be a significant financial investment, ranging from several hundreds to thousands of dollars, it’s crucial for maintaining the longevity and sound quality of the instrument.

Given the intricacy and precision required, restringing should always be entrusted to a professional piano technician. Whether or not it’s worth restringing your piano primarily depends on its value, its importance to you, and potentially the cost of buying another.

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